Thursday, March 26, 2009

the beginning of the beginning of the end

progress is seen on our team blog in the form of FTIR through an unfiltered webcam.

our (and more specifically, my) progress today is as follows:

- built ir emission apparati from provided LEDs and leftover mechatronics parts. to be specific, 270 ohm resistors, a couple of 7805's, some capacitors, and seemingly excessive surface-mount sized solder.

- tested said emission apparati with a sheet of acrylic i've had sitting in IEEE for the past year. i've been meaning to turn it into a stribe enclosure with the laser cutter, but the full sheet is helpful, so my procrastination has actually paid off.


- receive glass "samples" from chris at showcase shower door, santa cruz, ca. these samples are 18"x24" tempered sheets with finished edges.

this essentially prompts us to acquire index-matching epoxy. jas will be working on the prototype's structure in the meantime.

the structure will be a basic trapezoid, with a flat surface when rested on the short parallel side. the angled edge will be at 60º, so that the entire apparatus can rotate and rest on the side with a 60º drafting table style interface. the whole thing will act similar to a podium, so tilting it will not be a huge ordeal. the distance between the glass and the projector will be minimal.

we will also post videos of tests with the variety of 850nm LEDs we currently have in lab: 5mm radial, 3mm radial, and these weird black-housed, lower power variety.

as a side note of clarifiation to the last bunch of LEDs, we tested these strange black-housed LEDs at the end of the day, and 6 of them turn out to be less bright than the 2 5mm LEDs we tried in the video at the beginning of this post. part of me wonders about superpositions and beat frequencies, but i'm pretty sure we'd still be seeing a lot of light even in the presence if these phenomena.

eagerly awaiting tomorrow,

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