Sunday, March 29, 2009

Projection Surface tests

we received two essential components for testing yesterday: the IR LED ribbon sample kit from, and samples of the Digiline-White and the Digiline-Contrast projection screens from IFOHA in Germany.

matt and i tried a simple projection test, holding the samples up in front of the projector to see which one looked the best. we also used the pvc sample which professor renau obtained. previously, the pvc was our best option for display, and it probably still looks the best, but it's damn horrible at passing infrared from the FTIR through. the videos below show off the FTIR tests through the three media. in the first video we (think we) are using 850nm LEDs, while in the second video we are using 940nm LEDs.

you'll notice that the digiline contrast passes 850nm about as well as the digiline white (the white is just marginally better), but it doesn't pass the 940nm nearly as well. both digiline screens work much much better than the pvc material.

personally, i also thought that the digiline white looked more appropriate than the digiline contrast. it was brighter and looked less glittery.

everyone on the team should view all three before we make a decision, but white seems to make the most sense to me, both for its IR passing properties and its display quality.

the quarter officially begins tomorrow, so now it's time to read up on OpenCV. also, we should receive the IR bandpass filters tomorrow, so the prototype is not too far away from being finished.

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