Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ps3 eye experimentation

we've unboxed the ps3 eye and have started futzing around with it on matt's ubuntu box in attempts to get basic drivers working.

so far, the camera has worked fine at 30fps on my macbook pro using macam. unfortunately, macam didn't provide a means for bumping the frame rate up to 60fps, so we'll just have to assume that the functionality works out of the box for now.

matt's already got the audio from the camera to play back in vlc, albeit with an incredible latency of around 5 seconds.

i have also started working on my final project for ce125, which is a convolution module in verilog. my courseload is starting to drive me a little bit insane, but to be completely honest, i'm surprised i made it this far into the quarter without losing my shit. sure, i'm behind on a couple of programs for ce110, but i've been getting pretty much straight a's on the homeworks and quizzes, plus i got 105% on the midterm, so i shouldn't be worrying too much.

the frustration seems to be coming from my existing projects that must be completed before i move in to scimp full force. the frustration also stems from excitement, though, as i can't wait to get to the meat of this project.

they say good things come to those who wait. so i want patience, damnit, and i want it now!

at least squarepusher is here to calm me down...

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