Saturday, April 25, 2009

expo & crunchtime

this past wednesday thru friday, i attended expo '74, a convention put on by the folks at cycling '74, the people behind max/msp/jitter. i expected the endeavor to be entirely tangential to my work on this project, but it turned out to provide us with another possible resource for procuring a projection screen, since RP Visuals turns out to be over our budget.

the event was also entirely revitalizing for me. i met a lot of incredibly nice people from all over the world who were just as geeky about music and max/msp as i am. some were big names, like robert henke, co-creator of ableton live, and many were small names that i had never heard before, but were inspiring nevertheless. there were even some folks from UCSC there who i had not met before.

i'm now a lot more motivated, and it's time to crack down on these apps.

we still haven't received the filters. i'm getting worried, and i'm incredibly pissed at myself for not having the sense to have them rush shipped, especially after what happened last time.

wednesday evening we met with some nui group folks and drank free beer from the interactive displays conference. seeing the nui folks in person was a cool experience, and we got to put the pressure on them to get us the tbeta source code. finally, today, i've checked it out of their SVN. now comes the fun part where I attempt to merge it with our own svn so that i can butcher it.

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