Friday, April 3, 2009

filter woes and broken silicon

we finally received our ir bandpass filters today. we had a rather prolonged shipping issue with our supplier, omegabob2's ebay store, a resource for omega optics filters: my old mailing address propagated through ebay to the first filter purchase, but my new address went along with the second one. there were special instructions to ship both together using UPS 2-day, but the package went to the old address and arrived there on monday. when i called omega filters on monday to get the status, the person handling the sale was out of town for the week. i wound up getting some bogus tracking number from fedex before they told me they shipped it to my old address.

a bit of a pain, but this morning i went over there, knocked on the door, and got my package.

the filters were a little too thick for the eyetoy, and we managed to bust the ccd, so now the first order of business tomorrow morning is to buy a new webcam.

jas made more progress on the prototype and we had the realization that the only things between us and a finished prototype are the projection surface (which we can use paper for in the meantime) and the IR led source, which we have yet to order.

another exciting realization is that our gantt chart does not count weekends as work-days. we're actually not scheduled to finish the prototype until next tuesday.

week one comes to completion tomorrow. i feel like we're doing pretty well

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