Thursday, April 9, 2009

reflecting on first meeting w/ professors

we've gotten a bit done since monday, but it feels like more than it actually is.

yesterday was our first meeting with our professors. tuesday evening (around 11pm really), matt, jas and i went into the nuigroup IRC room where cerupcat gave me the idea of installing Tbeta and Max Multitouch Framework on my laptop. so we stayed a bit late and sure enough, i got it up and running.

this made our meeting much more exciting -- we had a legitimate application demo for our professors, as well as refreshments and two weeks of progress to report since we started during the break.

the following is a video that illustrates some what we showed professor laws and david munday, the course's TA (professor petersen wasn't there). in addition to what we show below, we were more informal and thorough with showing the behavior of tbeta and the ir emission strip.

today we received shipments of the LED reel and the aluminum channel/bezel. the channel turned out to be the wrong size, but we're going to see if there's anything we can do to use it.

other than the shipments, today was very slow-- phone and internet were down for most of the morning. someone disconnected the tubes.

the battery is low on my laptop and i left my charger in lab. i'll post more about the specifics of our prototype hardware next time.

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