Monday, April 6, 2009

weekend update #1

first weekend of the quarter down..

climbed tree nine on friday (slightly irrelevant, occurred with 3/5 of the team, made me feel good as a human being in a way that i dont get working in a lab)

i spent saturday considering chromium and its implications on image stitching and blob detection.

i spent today showing off the lab (new video of touch images soon), reading Learning OpenCV, and assisting a recording session.

the reading was more like skimming, but gave me some food for thought regarding matrix operations, convolution, and filtering. participating in the recording session was refreshing. a bunch of people were sitting in, and we all collaborated to get a remarkably decent sound out of a couple of takes using a few mics. definitely an experience i miss.

i also got to check out some of the work they're doing in the electronic music studios with their reactable project. so far they have a camera and image recognition software that is doing some serious fiducial orientation work. in the next month or so, a friend will be performing a piece in which he plays dominoes against an opponent. the dominoes are fiducials for the reactable making music. their image detection is pretty well handled, though the composition interface and the IR image detetion are not yet implemented.

back to scimp though,...

although matt's research indicates that chromium itself is not likely useful, considering it as an option has opened my mind to some alternative ideas regarding webcam stitching. the idea is pretty well described in matt's post and my comment in response.

the idea is to stitch blobs rather than the camera images. run a thread for each camera that does blob detection (maybe even on the gpu?), then take and aggregate of all blobs and discard duplicates based on calibration parameters. boundary conditions require special cases (depending on the type of overlap in image), but these cases are few enough for the application to be reasonably uncomplex.

the next few days will bring meetings and hopefully shipments. our gantt chart indicates that we should be finished with the prototype by tuesday, but we don't expect to hit that date due to shipping on our LEDs and our bezel. i do think, though, that we've managed to get started on the software research sufficiently early to meet other key deadlines in our schedule.

looking at it from another perspective, we're one out of ten weeks in.. have we really completed 10% of our project?


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