Thursday, May 21, 2009

goals for tomorrow

some personal, some whole team.

- migrate to a CMake building system
- successfully thread blob detectors
- finish hacking up the cameras we have and see about putting as many of those as we can in the table
- bezel, if it arrives
- ask dilad if/when they shipped the screen / tracking number
- implement basic single-value x and y offsets for multiple detectors

reading for tomorrow evening: tbeta calibration source code.

i'm honestly not looking forward to it.

tonight i read about makefiles, recursive make, and cmake. i think cmake is the way to go, though it is a little more to type (i.e. cmake && runtest), but it seems more efficient.

one reasonable reference i found on makefiles was a bit redundant for my previous knowledge, but spelled out some things i only sort of knew in further detail.

that brought me to a quite dated but worthwhile paper on the problem with recursive makefiles, leading me to look into cmake.

so far we've been building all of our dependency lists by hand, which i don't think is the best idea. but right now it works, which makes pushing for cmake now a lower priority.

looking back at the list, it's probably in reverse order..

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