Friday, June 5, 2009

moment of truth

the past three days have been grueling.

i've slept 3 times since waking up wednesday morning (my birthday, no less), each time for two hours.

since wednesday, however, we've made immense progress. we went from six cameras to four for two reasons. one, we only have four cameras with lenses that focus reasonably. all of the other ones result in large, blurry blobs, which is problematic when there are two touch points near each other, as well as for consistency.. we don't want some areas of the table to perform better than others. the second reason is USB bandwidth.

wednesday night, I tried running stitching and detection on four cameras (while we were still planning on six), and the lag was unbelievable.. i think we hit 2 or 3 seconds per frame.

we've since added a PCI card, switched computers, switched drivers and switched kernels to get it to work at a reasonable speed..

last night at around 2am (technically friday morning) we had a huge morale booster -- matt and jas got projection distorting to work, meaning that we can definitely get everything up smoothly for the presentation and design competiton. there's a $2000 prize for the winning team, so we're hoping to win and have a nice team celebration with that.

right now, 3/5 of the team is resting up, jas is working on the math to execute display correction, and i'm waiting on a key from BELS to swap out the crappy ATI video card for a nice nVidia card, giving me the time to blog at this crucial time.

our check-off is in 3 hours. between now and then, i need to make stitching work across the whole table.

doable, but a tight squeeze. i should probably go look for someone at BELS right about now.. or bob vitale.

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